Thursday, June 26, 2008

bila aku rasa.... aku akan ,,,

kusut... aku akan mandi.

gatal di kulit.. aku potong kuku.

rajin... aku baca buku.

kaya... aku kasi sedekah.

Miskin... aku cari kerja.

malas... aku kaco org.

bodoh... aku baca novel.

Penat... aku tido.

buntu.., aku gi Mesjid.

sakit... aku bersukan.

sunyi... aku menyanyi.

putus asa... aku call mak.

Berani... aku pergi jalan jalan.

marah... aku diam.

sedih... aku menyendiri.

takut... aku cari kawan.

ghairah... aku buat pengumuman.

sembelit... aku minum susu dan tenusu.

cirit... aku minum air dan air garam.

gemuk... aku puasa.

kurus... aku melantak.

lapar... aku makan.

kenyang... aku tido.

mengidam... aku ajak org yang best best gi makan.

rindu... aku karang sajak.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


yeah! my bro was born 3.8 kilo i guest. if al of u see him today you will never ask why im telling you how heavy he was birth.

At that time was very difficults periode of economical situation. My mom cant run her business after give birth to my bro by the way that time was near to ramadhan. But their have good companion like cik Dayang and Angah aka cikgu Radziyah who helpfull friends of my parent. They came by to help by cooks, buying us new clothes for eidul fitri.

Till now our families are close. Although Cik Dayang now leave at Terengganu when she came to state she will step by our house. she has brilliant children Abdul Munaim, Dhabitah Thaqifah dan Athirah. I always went to their home when my MakNjang work there as house assistant.

ok let back to Taman Ria. At Taman Ria we always playing football infront of Asmawi house. Actually the field is provided to built a mosque. beside footballing we also playing at rumah Maktok who take cares of her grandchild Abang Akmal, Firdaus, Taty and Kak... but her face like Kuza sister of Kuna. Because of the house located at the junction so they have space to let us play like gasing, Jengkek, and playing combat.

ok i have tired to be a story teller today. to be continued...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

where i was been 2.

After moving from Sungai Layar we were renting a house at 1886 st 41 taman ria. The house was larger than my pak chaq house. But i have no friends except awie a.k.a Asmawi my double cousin because his mother and mine are cousins. Awie is second after his kak long Hidayah the pretty girls. Just got married last 2 years. Awie is in my age.

In that time my parents open their stall at night selling mee. i didn't like me but i like cucur that my mom put with the mee. at the evening my mom sell cucur Udang i love to help because i like to see cucur udang release itself from deep senduk in the boiled palm oil. u will never understand how it feel. I'm good at putting the medium prawn in the meeddle of cucur udang before deeped into the oil. i love to hang around the stall.

after 2 years we move from 1886 to 1888 here where my brothers born. In that time all my aunties are leaving with me plus my uncle. see how big family we are. Mak njang, Mak Su, Mak Teh, Chik and pak cik Topet. such a lot of memories there. i shared room with pakcik. pakcik topet was closed to me in that time. but he is a bullish. a lot of memories running around us. i am so happy because till now he was close to my house. although i didn't close to him as we are before but i still love him. i think more then before, because for now he can't bully me anymore. heheheh

owh because of all my parents little sisters and brothers stay with us makes all of family call me abang. my granny my grandpa all of my families call me abang accept my cousins on my father's side. some of them call me adik umaq. cute isn'it. even a just talk cousin call me adik umaq. because his parents is older tahn mine.

i love all my families. 1888 has full with laugh n tears. before my bro born my parents struggling a hard family economy. Buisness not running well. and my father need to give a lot of stomach full. Oh my dad is very kindhearted brother and brother in law. he run his buisness for family. he never say no if the reason is study. my mak teh study from his pocket, my mak su. my chik. but Mak Su is little bit lazy than others. but when i was a kid i am afraid of her n mak teh. dont try their anger.

so that why i am being a bullish. hahahaha ... to be continued.

Monday, June 9, 2008

where i was been.

I was Born in Kuala Nerang, Kedah. We stay there for weeks before my parents get me back to our home at setinggan behind LLN now was changed to TNB there was in sungai petani, kedah. That house was built by my father his own. As i know the cost is cheaper than our toilet now. My parents who are struggling from poorlife to make a step better every single year of their life.

There my auntie cik shah who was be my baby sitter for years. I'm like his son, sometimes brother. Through my parents story she always bring me to neighbour's house who called by Mak Embun for watching hindi's films. Sometimes i leaved cause i was sleeping while the films played. Mak Embun is very kind to children.

After several year there we move to my pak caq's house. The house located in Sungai Layar, near Sungai Petani Kedah. I was start my education there at Taski Taman Orkid. There i start remember things, like friends and some situations. My neighbour Amir was a weird boy, cause he always dressing his mother's wear from blaus till lipstick. At that time when somebody ask me what am i want to be, my answer will be ustaz. Owh i miss my childhood. At that time my parents running their groceries shop. There now have a car Datson Wagon white colour. And this house is where my younger sister born. She is the sign of seconds level of my parents marriage live has completed. Now we will step into 3rd level.

to be continued....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pulangnya penasihat utama.

setelah 6 tahun mengenali abg aziz akhirnya perpisahan sampai jua. Tapi insya Allah tak lama. Abang aziz sudah tamat belajar dalam kuliyah syariah. Dia serumah dengan aku di Sudan ni.

Orangnya hensem, pandai masak, baca quran sedap, bertahlil pon terer, memukat pun rajin, suka buat kenduri, suka buat jadual dan paling best kuat membebel. hehehe.

Abang Aziz dalam ingatan.

Aziz walaupun kita hanya serumah. 'tak banyak laa satu tuh pun sewa'

Tapi kita tetap bergaduh.

Kita selalu berbalah untuk maslahat orang lain.

Aziz walaupun ana ni degil tapi,

anta lagi degil dari ana.

Aziz walaupun ana muda,

ana terima pandangan anta.

Aziz hidup kita di Sudan membuahkan ukhuwah.

semoga hidup kita dalam ukhuwah ini

membawa pertemuan di medan amal.

Kalau tak sapa nak sokong ana,

bila ana bergaduh ngan Irfan.

kita berkongsi musuh.

kita berkongsi sahabat.

rindu nak meeting dengan anta mula terasa.

terima kasih kerana menjadi timbalan yang dedikasi.

selamat berjuang di bumi sendiri.

heheheh, apa kebenda laa puisi ni ,

aduh semuanya dah nak balik. i dont want to be the last man standing. huhu...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i am a sleepy cook..

yeah , once upon a time there was a cook who love to sleep. He cook for a big house. Anything in menu will be cooked.

He can fell asleep at anytime. Just like eating peas. hohohoho. He once slept while riding a motorcycle with his best friend, but dont be worry nothing happend he just sleep for a few minutes.

One day, he feel so lonely because his partner went out. that day was holiday and he need to cook for four times. He cook at the early morning fifth o clock and get ready for his football match. begin 7 till 9 quarter. after that he back to cook for a lunch.

that make him tire at all. added with his amnesia at that last night. he planed to cook bryani. while he stiring the curry he feel asleep his eye getting heavy,and slowly closed. he dont know how long he was sleeping during standing in front of his fabulous beef curry. he was dreaming eating his mothers recepies. owh! it makes him licking his lips.

suddenly, a brother who he works with go into the kitchen and says"whaw we have curry for our lunch." that voice make him awakes and says "Curry from heaven." the brothers confused already.

after lunch ready the cook sleep just for 4 hours before get up to pray Zohor and continued another 2 and half hours before wake up to cook for dinner.

he is me. hahahaha. tader kerja punya pasal speaking la plak.